Poppy and Prairie Spa Saskatoon

Registered Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy - Personally claimable for Insurance Coverage.


Registered Massage 

60 Minutes

Registered Massage

75 Minutes


Registered Massage

90 Minutes

Therapeutic‎ Hot‎ Bamboo‎ Massage

45 minutes‎ $75 |  60 minutes‎ $85

This‎ treatment‎ is‎ very‎ deep‎ tissue.‎ Warmed‎ up‎ bamboo‎ sticks‎ are‎ used‎ to‎ deeply‎ stretch‎ out‎ muscles‎ as‎ well‎ as‎ trigger‎ point‎ areas‎ of‎ adhesion.‎


Cranial‎ Massage

30 minutes‎ $58

This‎ treatment‎ involves‎ a‎ neck‎ and‎ cranial‎ massage‎ and‎ is‎
great‎ for‎ those‎ who‎ suffer‎ from‎ headaches,‎ neck‎ pain,‎ or‎
trouble‎ sleeping.

Therapeutic‎ Hot‎ Stone

60 minutes‎ $100


This‎ treatment‎ uses‎ the‎ hot‎ stones‎ in‎ conjunction‎ with‎ deep‎
tissue‎ techniques‎ to‎ target‎ stubborn‎ muscle‎ tension‎ and‎ create‎ an‎ overall‎ better‎ result.‎ Please‎ note‎ this‎ is‎ still‎ a‎ deep‎
tissue‎ treatment.


Jaw‎ and‎ Neck‎ Treatment

30 minutes‎ $65

This‎ treatment‎ is‎ for‎ those‎ who‎ suffer‎ with‎ jaw‎ issues.

Massage Specialties Offered


Massage safe through all stages of your pregnancy. Our therapists are trained in specific prenatal massage techniques to soothe discomfort associated with the changes you undergo in each trimester. Treatment is tailored to each individual's needs.


Cups are suctioned to specific muscles or tendons through negative pressure. The increased circulation allows for a faster elimination of pain-causing substances and as a result, pain is reduced.

Swedish Style

Use of long, gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart to provide deep relaxation. This type of massage has been shown to help with migraines, insomnia, muscle strains, sciatic pain and fibromyalgia.