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Poppy and Prairie Spa Saskatoon

Welcome to

  Poppy & Prairie Spa

opening hearts & minds

since 2014

My Dear guests,

as of Monday May 27th through the end of June. 

I will be open 3 days a week as 

I must spend time at my family farm seeding. 

If you are unable to find a day or time online,

please text me directly for therapies.







Nestled in along the river banks of Saskatoon

a small local shop creates feelings of home. 

If you are in need of healing from

an open heart full of kindness & compassion

you are on the right path.


While providing home grown therapies,

my gifts in trade & intuitions

 are sure to complete your healing journey...

Monday                  9:30   - 5:30

 Tuesday                  9:30  - 5:30

 Wednesday          9:30 - 5:30

 Thursday                9:30 - 5:30

  Friday                    9:30 - 3:30

                                                                                                                            Saturday by request

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