Massage & Body Care For Men

Poppy & Prairie Spa features chemical and paraben free products on our Massage & Body Treatment Menu. Come in & indulge. Our licensed Estheticians have been trained in Relaxation Massage and Hot Stone Massage to provide the most comforting and soothing treatments.

Relaxation Massage - 60 Minutes

Indulge in a little bliss, calm sore muscles and soothe your soul. This rejuvenating treatment includes an exfoliating foot scrub followed by cleansing steam towels.


Relaxation Massage - 90 Minutes

Exactly the same as the 60 minute relaxation massage treatment, just a little longer.


Hot Stone Massage - 60 Minutes

This luxurious treatment uses Baltic stones to relax muscles and promote circulation & lymphatic drainage. This rejuvenating treatment includes an exfoliating foot scrub followed by cleansing steam towels.


Cleansing Back Treatment - 90 Minutes

Bare your back and enjoy this refreshing treatment designed to promote healing, cell turn over and combat dehydrated skin. This service can be used as a specific healing treatment for acne prone backs and to maintain healthy skin in between hair removal services to promote exfoliation and prevent congestion of the skin.



We begin this service with sensory essential oil compression, cleansing and steaming of the face and neck. Followed by a nourishing chest, shoulder, neck and scalp massage for over worked muscles. We complete this service, customized exclusively for our male guests with our signature foot treatment.


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A La Carte

Steam & Scrub

Our sensory essential oil compression, cleansing and steaming of the face and neck, followed by a hydrating myofacial massage as an add on to our Gentleman's Relaxation Massage Treatments.

$40.00 Add-on

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