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Poppy and Prairie Spa Saskatoon

plant medicines & herbalism

                                   Breathe fresh, clean air                            Life is joyful & fun                                                                         Drink enough water                        Nature needs our respect

                                     Get enough sunshine               Animals are our sisters & brothers

                                     Eat whole fresh foods                               Move your body

                                        Everything is alive                Do something you are passionate about


                                                                 Be present in relationships

    We manifest everything

I am not psychic 

60 to 90 minutes 

channeling & aura readings aside, lets take a look at your nomadic ancestry.

Food is fuel... your body is your Temple as the earth is our temple.

based on a master herbalist certification blending all worldly plant based medicines before pharmaceuticals in western medicines.

Incorporating my pagan eastern European forbearers.  

no witch craft here yet I will create new mind sets on health, wellbeing & being strong & lively.

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Get what you get...

90 minutes to 2.5 hrs

this treatment begins with a full consultation, it will be easy to find out what your spiritual side is calling for.   Creating a custom healing treatment.

If you are in need a big breath of fresh air, my spa is just the space for you.

Any of my clinical spa services ranging from

pedicures to hot stone massage.

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