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Poppy and Prairie Spa Saskatoon

intuitive histories & faith

I practice, everyday.

"I work hard at being selfless, honest, kind, generous, patient, open & compassionate.

It's what makes me a good, strong human being."

- Richard Wagemese - Embers, One Ojibway's Meditations


Auras, shamanism & Spirituality

60 - 90 minutes ($100)

When you ask a question, are you actually looking for an answer.

This therapy is designed to look at you, entirely.  If you have wondered how to enjoy a life of ease, joy & grace maybe I can help you find that.

Sometimes we just need to open our hearts, our ears & let our minds be a little quieter.

Thank you for thinking of my shop, looking forward to sitting down & meeting you.

melanie ciona

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