Poppy and Prairie Spa Saskatoon

 Health & Wellbeing


Skin Care Consultation

With nearly 20 years in the fields of Health & Wellbeing.  We will take the time with you

to address any issues or concerns you may have regarding your skin’s health.

This treatment may correspond with a

Herbalist Consultation in overall health & wellness.

Access Bars

60 Minute Treatment                    $ 55.00

90 Minute Treatment                    $ 85.00

​Touch therapy applied to 32 specific placements, on the head. Clearing energies while promoting feelings of health, wellness and clarity become the blend of a custom treatment offered to my guests. This treatment is offered in a calm, silent room to promote breath, relaxation and nurturing.​


Herbalist Consultation

& Healing Treatments

60 - 90 Minutes                            $ 55.00 -                                                           $ 110.00


This service aids in balancing health & body systems while combining Plant medicines (Herbalism), Indigenous Spirit Medicines, Aryuvedic Principles, Traditional Chinese Medicines, Intuitive Empathic Energetics.

Professional Diagnostics in Body Mechanics,  & well being to incorporate & promote Over All Health, Balance and Synergy with our bodies while connecting to the energies in ourselves.

Pressure Point Massage

Rest & Reset


90 minutes treatment                $ 110.00 

2 hour treatment                          $130.00

This treatment combines a 60 minute Energetic & Healing Massage Treatment beginning with centering & grounding your energies, followed by a full body relaxation Massage, this therapy is completed with a 15 minute skin care booster.  The application of steam towels to the neck, chest & face prompting hydration, relaxation & vascular stimulation.

Most treatments combine a 15 minute steamed foot care treatment to end the therapeutic service, dependent on time or energetic roadblocks encountered during your healing therapy.